gearing up for Dallas!

Just when I saw JR Ewing on the front page of the Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle today, I was thinking that I’m headed for Dallas in a week. JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen are back on TV! Now my Mom was a HUGE fan of Dallas but I was out partying and having fun “back in the day” when that show aired.  I did watch it here and there but never followed weekly.  If you walked in the house on a Friday night and Mom was watching Dallas or Falcon Crest, you had to wait until a commercial break till you could talk to Mom!!  Funny, the things you remember!

At any rate, the Dallas Gift Show begins on June 21st and I’m hoping to repeat my success from the NYC Stationery Show.  I continue to receive orders for the new boxed notes!  I’m not going to get to see JR Ewing when I get to Texas but hope to see my Sister-in-law and brother (they moved to Austin last fall) and my cousins who live in and around Dallas area.

I was very happy to see marketing done for the Dallas show which included Words and Watercolors!  I received an email this morning from Steve Day, my salesperson for the show, with this link:  check it out!  Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see W&W!

I’ve completed most of my follow up and follow through from NYC and now onto reconnecting with stores that have purchased in the past.  Spreading the news of boxed notes!

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