glad I did this!

Woke up in the middle of the night (nothing new there) so decided I might as well get up and post this blog that started writing itself in my head.

I am glad I did this, both the LA Gift Show AND the launch of words and watercolors.  From the comments AND orders (yeah) received at the show today, I finally am realizing that I have not only created the company I always wanted but I’ve also created a (more than) full time job for myself!

In discussing how I came to create all this with someone today, I shared that I have always wanted to do cards.  In fact, I told her, when my Mom and Dad moved from my childhood home to another (I was in my 30’s then), they came to visit me and Mom brought a bag full of my creations from my youth!  I used to make cards for Mom and Dad when I was little.  There were quite a few in the pile made where on the back I had written P.C. and Co, below that would be .15 or .25  (cards were cheap then).   I had done a card for Mom which even combined the kind of “words” I do still with an illustration of a plant.  I must have known in my youth what I wanted to be when I grew up!  I just got sidetracked for a while (years) as I went to college, became an Interior Designer, moved out West, married, had kids and morphed into a Corporate Sales Queen.  The inner artist kept showing up and I did write in my journal and paint throughout the years, even launching the first “words and watercolors” in the mid 90’s.  Thankfully, I’m now able to devote the time and attention to this incarnation and plan to make it a success!  So the round about back story to the “glad I did this” title for today’s post.

The other bonus of traveling to shows is I get to connect with family and friends.  After the show was over at 6 today, I drove to visit my nephew and his girlfriend in their new digs in LA.  A very cool apt.  From there went to my niece’s birthday celebration.  The fun thing was Cristina’s Dad, brother and his wife all drove in from Santa Fe to celebrate her birthday so I got to see them as well.  Unfortunately, I didn’t pull my camera out of my bag to get any photos of Tim and don’t know what happened to the good pics I thought I got of Cristina blowing out her candle but I did get a few good pics of Frank (her Dad/my husband’s brother and my favorite in law…after Susan!), Nick and Megan.

The other pic posted was taken at the Show.  I had an inspiring conversation with Tina Adjar, who owns Be Unique X in Irvine.  In showing her my matted cards, we began talking about creating good value for your customers.  She is a big believer in supporting local artists and 60% of her store is jewelry from local artists.  She’s been watching stores around her go out of business but she continues to do well.  She also said since Hallmark went out of business, people come in her shop looking for cards.  She has been directing them to other places but realizing she’s leaving money on the table, she’s going to start carrying some cards (hopefully mine!).

Life is Good!  (love that clothing line of products)

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