A toast to the Giants!

I had intended to write last week after the Giants managed to do the unthinkable and win the last 3 games of their Series with the Reds.  That improbable win streak allowed them to head off to the Pennant race…trying to win the National League Championship.  Alas, I didn’t write and what was such a high, everyone feeling the magic of the 2010 World Series Win had returned, has dissipated a short week later.  We are not faring so well in the next series with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Down 3-1.  If the Cardinals win the game tonight, on their home turf, we’re done for the season.  It seems so sad and yet, the team should be feeling great for making it as far in the playoffs as they have, as Mark stated last night.

Funny how life works, you work hard to accomplish so much and yet often don’t give yourself the credit deserved or see the incredible progress you’ve made.  That said, I am feeling good about the growth W&W has gone through this year.  I’ve got some shortcomings, like a website that needs overhauled yet has been on the back burner.  I’m also learning that just by nature of being in business you will make decisions that are not the best but you go forward, putting things behind you.  I’m 2 plus years into this and can see some mistakes I’ve made but also successes…most of which are due to that dogged determination and persistence honed in the years of Corporate Sales.

I give thanks for all the support and encouragement received by my husband, those on my team, family and friends as well as the people I meet at Gift Shows, Trade Shows, etc…who love my work and place orders!  I could not be this far without each and every one of them.  I will continue to put my best foot forward and watch as Words and Watercolors grows into the mantra I hold for it….Words and Watercolors…around the World…enriching and inspiring!!!

To close, here’s a painting I did last week as Mark and I celebrated 5 years of Marriage!  We drove up to the wine country.  I had fun doing this little sketch as we sat overlooking the vineyards of Gloria Ferrer, makers of incredible bubbly!!

A toast to the Giants for a Great 2012 Season!!!!

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