I’ve got to say that people are caught up in the Giants World Series craziness here in SF.  It’s been fun to watch this team coalesce as a TEAM (there is no “I” in team as I learned back in my corporate world days!)…and there is no “I” in the Giants team…they are all a bit wacky (with exception possibly of Buster Posey and Matt Cain) and everyone seems to revel in that wackiness!  My husband, being a big sports fan, listens to Sports Radio (KNBR) in the car.  Even he was surprised when I called him last week to let him know that I had been listening to KNBR as I drove to do errands.  I would have never thought I’d listen to such “talk” radio (as I ate lunch from a taco truck no less…another thing that never happened prior to marriage and moving to SF)!  But it’s hard not to catch the fever and feel the “dream” come alive for the Giants and the whole city, for that matter.  Everyone wants to “aspire to a dream” including sports teams!

As for my “aspiring”, this week I’ve continued to contact people and let them know about my website.  I got a few orders from the site, not as many as I’d hoped for.  I’m trying to be realistic as I know, from my sales background, that it takes an average of 10 times to “touch” someone before they buy.  I know it won’t happen overnight but the unrealistic side of me hopes it will…hoping to be an  “overnight success” even though I know there is no such thing as an “overnight success”.  Most people, however, have no idea that I’ve been playing with “words and watercolors” all of my life!  I’ve tried to maintain my normally upbeat and optimistic viewpoint this week and not allow myself to be mired in the doubt and worry that can take over my psyche.  But the doubt and worry that caused me to read “Art as War ” (last week’s blog subject) has been hanging round…

Sarah and I met this week to plan what new products we’ll be introducing in January at the Gift Shows.  I can see that  A LOT has to be done between now and the end of December as the SF Gift Show kicks off early in January!  Yikes!!  Sarah has had this great idea for “details” as she calls them…taking an image and creating a card out of a “detail” of it.  We’ve picked out 10 images and worked out the “details”.  It’s going to be a completely new look from my other cards.  Plus they’ll be “blank” as I’ve gotten requests for blank cards.  I will really be feeling like I’m the legitimate concern I want to be as I roll out new product and attend trade shows for the 2nd time!

About the end of my thoughts for the end of this week….GO GIANTS!!!

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