Good Friends

I just want to note how perfect the Universe seems to be in having good friends call just when you need to hear their laugh! And you didn’t even know how much you missed their laugh, till you heard it again!! Thanks Lisa for calling me today and leaving a message. Getting caught up (an hour and 20 minute phone call) was the perfect tonic for both of us as we both have struggled with this issue of what do we do next?? Lisa and I became friends many years ago (or so it seems) when we both lived in Seattle (she and hubby have been in Albuquerque for a LONG time) and sold Office Furniture. Here it is years later and we are both contemplating work that we can trace back to our youth. I used to make greeting cards for my family. Thankfully, my Mom saved many over the years. I just pulled out the bag to see, again, how I used to write “P.C. and Co” on one line, on the next “25cents”. Think I knew when I came into this world that I would be making cards? Then why did it take so long? I did start a card company back in ’94 but folded that because I was also working (at the job where I met Lisa), was a Mom of young kids and had too much going on. Now I’ve got the time and energy to devote to this endeavor. Lisa helped me today by reminding me of the importance of “holding the Vision” and seeing the revenue stream coming into the bank account! I helped her by asking the question regarding her Values. She has a job opportunity that she knows she could do hands down, yet she doesn’t want to pursue it. I remind her to look at her values. Being the Virgo she is, she’s a whiz at organizing. She can organize finances, pet areas, a home, or a notebook (as she did when she was a young kid for a friend for a gift!) She can wear many hats and has just purchased business cards ready to print “Black Dog (she’s got 5 of them! or is it 6??) Enterprise” on them. She can be a personal trainer, Interior Designer or dog walker in addition to organizer.

To sum up our fun conversation: Just DO IT! Whatever your hearts desire is. Go for the Dream and LIVE IT!

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