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Mark and I read most mornings.  It was a habit we developed when first married (2 + years ago) and were striving to figure out how to become a couple.  We take turns reading out loud and also developed the (good) habit of meditation.  Can’t say I’m a pro at that one yet but I do attempt to try most mornings.

Recently we began reading a book authored by James Arthur Ray titled: Harmonic Wealth, The Secret of Attracting the LIfe you Want. What I like most about this guy is he writes like he most probably talks.  There’s really no BS with him.  He tells you that it won’t be easy but you can do it!  He speaks to not just monetary wealth but wealth in all 5 “pillars” as he calls them, financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual.

Here’s what I read this morning that resonated with me big time: “Creating and maintaining financial wealth means that you’ve got to be willing to stretch yourself, eradicate your demons, take risks, take massive action, and chase down every last detail.”  Boy Howdy!  And on the next page: “As you break old limiting patterns and clean up your pillars, some days you’re going to make great headway, only to find yourself slipping backward.  You’ll feel like hell and want to give up on your dreams.  That happens to everyone.  But rather than resisting the challenges of growth, your job is to develop greater capacity and capability to ease elegantly through the bumps and block in life.  That’s called evolution.  It brings harmony and joy and success.”  Again, a resounding YES from the choir (me).

I’ll keep you posted on other great quotes.  I had to reach for a highlighter this morning to capture all that was jumping off the page at me…even rereading my highlighted portions tonight calms my fear a bit as I realize I’m not crazy for continuing to spin on the cycle of fear.  Those demons will take some work to be eradicated!  Thanks James Arthur Ray for putting your beliefs, experience and thoughts into words!

Tomorrow I’m attending the SF small business conference.  A lot of good workshops capped off with panel discussion tomorrow night with successful women innovators.  I’ll be there and will let you know what I learned from it.

Until then, thanks for reading!  Peg

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