great week end…

Just jumped off my bike.  Mark and I rode out through our neighborhood (truly the “HOOD”, Bayview, in SF) to Candlestick Park and continued on winding around to parallel 101 South for awhile then over to Oyster Point.  A great ride, hour and a 1/2 so a good work out plus being able to ride out into the country.  I inhale the fresh air, weeds/wildflowers growing, see the Bay and think to myself, it truly is “the moments” that comprise one’s life that makes it rich.  Moment’s lead to hours which lead to days, weeks, months, etc….Grateful for these moments!

Also while riding thought of my venture that is beginning to take on the feeling of being a real live company!  I met with Tiffany on Thursday afternoon.  She’s the “leave the details to me” person I met about a month ago.  Truly there are no coincidences as we share similar philosophies on life, a love of flowers and more importantly she loved all the designs I showed her that I’ve completed so far.  Her confirmation of my product, along with Yvette’s the day before, is what makes me begin to see this as “real” and not just some little interest of mine.   We discussed what she’ll be able to help me with (a great deal I’m sure)…setting up my inventory paperwork, invoices, order forms, etc…not to mention maybe help with the website, UPC codes, and other such things I don’t even have a clue about yet.

Yesterday I followed up on the info that Yvette provided re: a sales rep.  Bridget was very helpful and giving of info, just as everyone has been.  She highly suggested I launch with 48 cards, explaining that people will only take about a 1/4 of a line so you need to have enough cards to make it worthwhile.  I agree and thought to myself, if I want to do this BIG, I’ve got to do it Right from the GetGo….so back to the drawing board (or photoshop/indesign) it is as I’ll be pulling even more images in to get production ready.  She also provided the name of the rep here in SF (she’s up in Sonoma county ) that is her partner in the rep business and I gave him a call.  Have yet to hear from him.  Will look forward to reaching out to more people soliciting info and feedback.

Time to sign off…we’re off to a movie!  Have a great weekend!!

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