growing with new reps in midwest!

Friday was a GREAT day.  I received an email from my new rep in Michigan.  She was thrilled because of a HUGE order she had just entered for me in Brandwise (a software solution for reps/vendors and orders).  A store called Hollander’s.  Here is a copy of the email.

Happy Friday, Peg!
I opened up a new account yesterday – Hollander’s in Ann Arbor, MI.  I just transmitted her order and have attached their credit sheet for you. Almost $1200 order – yay!! Cindy Hollander is my BEST customer and they have a beautiful stationery/paper store!!!  She LOVED your cards and I must say it’s a real testament to your cards when Hollander’s puts the line in her store!!!  She’ll do great with the line!!  I see her every month – she’s one of my all time faves (her and Kay!:)
Check out their website  They’re known across the country for their beautiful papers and book binding business – love them!!:)

You can see why I was on top of the world!  I called my friend Lauren and said, “let’s go to lunch, I’ll buy!” as we have both been struggling entrepreneurs…me with my card/gift line…Lauren with a web design business.  The sun was out as we met at Piccino in the Dogpatch.  Life IS good!!  I am basking in the rays of expansion!!  Opening up to all the possibilities that will continue to unfold!

So grateful for Sharon Nelson who introduced me to Cheryl Fletcher!!  All IS good!!  Thank you both!!!!

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