happily, more technology talk

Easy to tell that days are swiftly passing by when I don’t get to posting any new blogs.  This morning as I was meeting Amy, who was the graphic designer who converted my website to WordPress format and then added my new 25 cards, for the first time I exclaimed “I’m going to go home and post a blog about our meeting!”.  It was a worthy topic to write about as I got so excited with all the ideas she was suggesting.  Obviously we think differently as she is young (my kids age) and I’m old (probably her parents age).  She’s talking google analytics and network marketing and Facebook marketing and talking about linking my blog posts to Facebook pages and creating an APP!   I’ve heard of all these terms and even signed up for google analytics last summer but never got it on my website nor would know how to interpret the info provided.  She does.  So maybe she’ll drag me into the 21st century with up to date technology (funny my last post was about my frustration with technology).  I can only hope that with her assistance, I’ll drive traffic to my website and even have orders placed!!!!

On another note, I’m thrilled, still, with fulfillment happening away from my apartment!  John, my printer and Angel of the month(s) continues to be of invaluable assistance with his cadre of workers who pack and ship my orders.  I’m finally done with lengthy press checks and with gift shows complete and fulfillment underway, I now have the time to begin serious SALES efforts.  I’m in that space of having been so busy with other priorities that sales have fallen off (the bane of all sales people…keeping the sales funnel full).  I need to reenergize my reps and find new ones to pump up the orders….so John and crew can be fulfilling them!

Last but not least, I’ve also been making some calls this week southbound as I will be heading to LA week after next for my nephew’s wedding.  I’m going to connect with some accounts plus visit LA Mart.  Wednesday I’m headed to San Diego for a meeting with EPN.  A woman I met at the Atlanta Gift Show who is President of this company which manages Gift Shops for a variety of Zoos, Aquariums, Science Centers and Arboretums round the country was interested in commissioning me to do a rendering of the Academy of Science here in Golden Gate Park.  They were considering another artist and myself; I was chosen!  They’ll take my artwork and print various products with it.  I’ll get a royalty on the products!!  I’m very excited about it and even more excited to show my watercolor and get feedback!  I’ve been working on one and nearly complete.  It’s taking some time but after a good 2 plus hour session of painting last night, I can see that it is heading in the right direction and I can’t wait to see how the completed one will turn out.  It’s been a stretch for me because this is more along the lines of architectural rendering and detail work.  Not a quick flower or veggie painting, those which I can do in my sleep sometimes.  I’m expanding my comfort level with this work.

It’s a warm, sunny Friday afternoon and I’m headed out the door to go work on a watercolor of the fountain new the Academy of Science building.  A good start to a hopefully good weekend!!  Have you stretched yourself trying something outside of your comfort level??  If not, give it a try!  It does boost your confidence!!  One thing that helps me is I think of “playing” with my art rather than being anxious about creating a masterpiece.  When I loosen up and play, I get much better results than when I’m tense and worried about what I’m producing.  Go PLAY!!

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