Happy Anniversary to my Blog and Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Today my Dad would be 91 years old, if he were still living among us on Planet Earth!  I began this blog last year on his birthday as a small gesture to honor his life and memory.  He had an effervescent personality that contributed to his success in Sales (he sold Mutual Funds before they were big and later became a successful Stockbroker).  Dad loved his family (all 5 of us kids) and most importantly his wife, our Mom.  He was my first teacher when it came to inspiration and motivation.  In college, he gave me the classic books to read by Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.  I continue to read Success magazine today and it was my Dad who purchased my first subscription for the magazine sometime in the 80’s after I had entered into sales myself.  He was very proud of all his children encouraging each and every one of us to live our dreams, which he often helped finance!  He put up the money to help me pay for my first batch of “Words & Watercolor” cards in 1994.  I’m forever grateful for my Dad, all he did for me/us and his legacy of Success that I’m trying to emulate.

With that, I can’t believe that it has been a year today that I began to chronicle the adventures of Words and Watercolors!  At that time, I was still undecided about what to call my greeting card line.  16 years prior I had begun “Words & Watercolors”.  In a way, I thought I should have a new name to reflect the new me/new art/new circumstances…but “Words and Watercolors” seemed so appropriate.  No other name so accurately described what I did (wrote the words and painted the watercolors) nor made so much sense.  I’m glad I stuck with that name and ever so grateful of all that has transpired in one year’s time!  Can’t wait to see where I’m at next year on this day…I do know I’ll be posting a blog that day both in honor of Dad and Words and Watercolors!

Happy Birthday Dad, wherever you are!!!

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