Happy Birthday to my Toddler, W&W!!

Not sure when I could pin the actual “Birth…Day” for Words and Watercolors.  I officially launched in June of 2010 at the Denver New Age Trade Show.  That is why I’m thinking W&W is 2 years old this month.  In anticipation of June 1st, I thought, Words and Watercolors is a toddler!  Using the analogy of a child, I’m out of the newborn/infant/baby stage and much more confident with walking, talking and learning to say NO!  How else is W&W like a toddler?    I’d have to say that the Boxed Notecards introduced at the Stationery Show are part of defining the look (and personality) of this 2 year old!  Thankfully I think we (I include the incredible Sarah, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, as part of the “we”) hit it out of the ballpark with this launch.  My reps love the samples received and I had 2 orders yesterday morning from 2 different reps for notecards!!  Yeah!!  From a business standpoint, adding notecards easily adds $$ to the order.  That is a good thing!

Now that the Notecards are printed and launched and the NYC Stationery Show is complete I’m ready to focus focus focus on getting reps across the country.  That is a challenge but given my dogged determination and persistence (traits honed in 25 years of sales), I’m planning to have reps in place throughout the states.  The 2 years of growing little by little with a track record of success in accounts will help me add new territories.

Circling back around to the specific traits of a toddler, I gleaned these bullet points from a website:

“-Two-year-olds like to be independent! Favorite words are “Mine” and “No” and “I do it!” Emotions take on a roller coaster-like quality as 2-year-olds can go from excitement to anger to laughter within a few moments. A great deal of time is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, filling, dumping, and touching.”

Given that, W&W is definitely TWO!  The emotions of the running the business have me on a roller coaster.  I am exploring new ways of distribution, pushing for reps, trying to touch others and in general learning and growing so much about myself as I push, pull, fill and dump the stuff of growing a business around!

“-Two-year-olds are surer of themselves and of what they can do as they grow.”

I definitely feel much more sure of myself at this juncture than 2 years prior.  At my first trade show that June I wrote only 1 order!  It helped as well that I was at a “New Age” Trade show…a psychic came around that first morning.  She walked into my booth when I was away  (Em had kicked me out of the booth telling me to go to the bathroom as I was so anxious I was driving her crazy).  When I returned she pulled me aside and gave me a reading.  She told me things that no one could have known.  My anxiety dissipated, I was moved to tears and when she left me I sat down, pulled out my journal recording the conversation.  My energy had shifted but I still didn’t write orders.  What a difference between that show and NYC.  I was easily in my comfort zone standing in my booth, catching peoples eyes as they walked past and once I had their attention showing them how my cards are distinctive.  Now a veteran of trade shows, I wrote orders and chatted with people most of the day.  Granted I have a lot more product to show as well, which helps, but overall it’s because W&W is two and I’m a lot more confident in how I’m growing!!


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