headin to Vegas….

The Vegas Gift Show starts on Monday, January 28th and runs through Friday, February 1st.  A long show, no doubt.  I’m hoping the  buyers are plenty, the hours speed by,  incredible contacts are made and orders overwhelm me!!

I’m a bit ambivalent about attending.   I was ambivalent as well about the NYC Stationery show last spring and ended up being quite surprised and delighted.  I hope the same holds true for this one.  If nothing else, I will have the opportunity to get to know the Focused Sales Family, both vendors and a number of the reps that are coming to work the show.  That, in and of itself, will be invaluable.

This year has started out much slower than I anticipated with orders.  Not sure if it is because of changing all my reps (I’m sure that is part of it) or what exactly the deal is…when things are slow, I get wiggy.  I’ve been mailing out my new catalogs hoping that generates interest and orders. Have called some accounts and will need to do more of that upon my return from Vegas.

All my product was shipped ahead of time to the advance warehouse.  It will be in the booth when I show up tomorrow.  Shouldn’t take too long to set up.  I just completed my packing for the airplane.

Send good thoughts for this show.  I’ll post results next week!

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