Hello world!

Oh Boy, Here we go!!  I’m once again amazing myself with learning NEW Technology!!

I’ve been interested in blogging for some time but have not made the time or effort to learn what is entailed.  I hope I learn quickly and others will share my interest in “Aspiring to Live Your  Dream for your Life!!”

It’s often said that “you teach best what you most need to learn”.  I feel that is true for me.  In my desire to aspire to my dream of being an entrepreneur and creating a company that showcases my artwork, I thought I’d begin this blog.  My hope is the blog allows me to voice my beliefs, thoughts and opinions of the day.  In addition, I hope to learn from the interactive nature of a blog both from comments from others and links to other blog sites.  As I write inspirational stories about living your dream, I hope to teach myself and continue to grow in faith that I’m on the right path for me.  Living the Creative Life, is truly what I aspire to and what I’ve been lucky enough to be doing the past 9 months.

I’ve got a lot to learn!  How do I upload artwork?  photos?  What will this look like?  How inspirational will it be?  I’m sure the site will evolve, just as life does each day.

Thanks for joining me, anyone that is out there….and Happy 90th Birthday Dad!!  Even though you are in the Spirit World, I imagine you’ve been celebrating with a Great Party for all your friends and relatives up in the great beyond today!

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