Here we go…game 5

In keeping with my Baseball analogy…the Giants just advanced to Game 5 in the series with the Cincinnati Reds and I’m advancing with production of New Cards as well as Reprinting cards that are running low.  I was doing Press Checks this afternoon for reprints while the proofs for 8 new cards were waiting for my approval.  In addition to that, I’m advancing with another new product idea!  We (John, Sarah and I) have been considering what other new products we could introduce.  Both of them have been voting for Wrapping Paper based on some of the designs Sarah and I came up with for our Quilting Fabric Submittal.  I’ve been all hung up on how to package wrapping paper for the stores.  Trying to decide if it would be wrapped around a cardboard tube (where do you find the tubes? …googled and wasn’t happy with what I was finding) and then slipped into plastic sleeve or folded and in a clear bag.  Once again, grateful for my daughter Emily, a buyer at NW Art and Frame in West Seattle, who is always a wealth of information for me when it comes to how to price or pack or what to include for new product.  So a phone call to Emily confirms what I’d started researching when in Seattle in August and talking to Suzie and Chris, my reps.  If John can make the pricing work, we may be offering wrapping paper sold as packs of sheets to retail stores starting in January.  That way, we don’t have to worry about wrapping around a cardboard tube.  Shipping should be easier.  Sarah and I are going to work on designs this weekend (she began a new full time job so I’ve got to catch her after hours).

Tomorrow I’m participating in the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association Trade Show.  I’ll be setting up in the afternoon with the show 5-8 tomorrow evening and 10-4 Friday.  Love these reasonable hours!  I’ve never done this show so don’t know what to expect.  I’m going to hope for great exposure and orders!

Looking at my Quick Book reports at the end of September, I quickly calculate that I’m 20% ahead of total sales for 2011!  WhoHOO, I have been advancing this year….

On my way to the World Series myself!

Go Giants!!

My business is growing and expanding…Advancing for sure!

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