home run

In keeping with the SF Giants, who beat the Rockies today 9-3 with a Buster Posey Home Run (yes, I’m married to a guy who loves the Giants and I’ve come to learn more about baseball as a result!), Sarah and I hit a Home Run with our Memo List Pads!!

The SF Gift Show ended on Tuesday.  I was quite pleased with the results!!  Not only did I get some good orders, I got to hang out with my reps in their booth, instead of having my own.  It was a bit of a change because I wasn’t used to being in a booth with others and yet it was a lot more fun  to hang out with my reps than being by myself.  I got to meet a few people from other lines that they repped as well.   Though the show seemed a bit slow (like Dallas), we did write some good orders.

Here’s some pics of the NEWEST product…Memo List Pads!!  They were very well received.  I’m thrilled with the positive feedback and love the fact that we are growing the line with the boxed cards and list pads.  I’ve been wanting to “Brand”  Peg Conley/Words and Watercolors and with additional product in the line, we are on the way.   I’ve got a HUGE vision…and as one of my cards and now list pads state: “All comes to Fruition!”

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