importance of blogging

I was listening to a Success CD (each month Success magazine comes with an audio CD inside) today as I drove and heard the suggestion from a marketing guru that one should blog daily.  I was a bit taken a back by that frequency.  Especially when I realized that my blogging efforts have been waylaid as I’ve allowed “busyness” to prevent me from my, at the minimum, weekly blogging efforts.  I decided then and there that I would post a blog as soon as got home and also be more committed, once again, to the process.

What I miss about the blogging is capturing the daily trials and tribulations of Words and Watercolors.  I didn’t record a post about the New Living Expo last weekend where I participated with a booth.  Initially I was excited about the opportunity…thinking that thousands of people attending would all be interested in my Inspirational cards.  I thought I’d sell thousands of cards!  Talk about unrealistic expectations!!  I sold less than the cost of the booth.  Saturday morning I woke up, after a very depressing Friday evening/first day of the show, and told Mark that I was going to make lemonade out of lemons.  Thankfully I was able to move my booth to a different location.  I felt blessed to be sharing the booth with new friends.  God knows where all this will lead, I kept telling myself.  All I know for sure, to quote Oprah, I won’t have a booth at next years Expo!

A short little post….perfect for reigniting the spark of blogging…look for more tomorrow!

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