importance of writing

I was reminded of the importance of writing in my blog when I talked to a new friend this morning.  I met Rosetta through Facebook last year.  We share quite a bit in common besides our love of art/watercolors.  She’s currently evaluating how to get her art out to the world.  Self-publish or license?  There’s a lot to be considered as either has its own unique pros and cons.  Since I’m a bit further down the road in the self publishing model, I was answering questions about reps, trade shows, printers and the need to know or find someone that knows photoshop/indesign.  I’m grateful I can share my wisdom and know how much I would have absolutely loved to talk to someone when I was so naive and starting out.  Though Rosetta and I also both agreed that sometime when you don’t know what you are getting into it’s a good thing because if you knew you wouldn’t do it.  We also believe that it’s good to just dive in and begin.

What I really appreciated was her reminding me of how she read my entire blog as if it were a novel.  I had no idea that someone would actually do that but recall when I began this journey, I wanted to document it so I could go back and recall what transpired…or how I got from there to here!  Probably the same drive that has me writing in my journal, sporadically as well, drove me to start a blog.  It’s not the for profit blog, obviously, but the chronicle of Words and Watercolors.

So with that, it’s a Thursday morning and I need to get down to my printers to approve the labels for my newest product.  Pocket Notebooks!  They are oh so cute and I was thrilled to get orders for them at the ATL show.  John, my wonderful printer, suggested taking the notecards and turning them into notebooks.  Easily done, he assures me, by inserting paper with a saddle stitch binding.  We chose to go with blank paper initially as it is cost effective to do that vs lined paper.  Plus I like blank paper in my journals.  I’m sure I’ll get feedback for lined and that might be next. For now it’s “60 Blank Pages to Scribe, Scribble, Sketch” as stated on the label that I need to proof.  I’ll make sure I take a close up picture of the product and post at the Vegas show!

Off I go….more to come from Vegas!  Heading down on Saturday.  Can’t wait to see my baby girl!  Emily, my daughter, who is also a buyer for NW Art and Frame in Seattle, is going to be flying in on Sunday evening to stay with her Mama!  She’ll be able to do appts during the day when I’m in my booth and we can play in the evenings. I miss her something fierce!

Thanks Rosetta for inspiring me to write in my blog today!!

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