it’s been too long

It’s been too long since my last post.   Many days I’ve had “post blog” on my to do list but obviously the blog didn’t get written/posted.  I’ll start again, with this one, trying to be more timely about posting.

One of the things I wanted to write about was the fact that I’ve been working on a new website.  This process has taken much longer than I anticipated but I hope the rewards will be worth it.  Getting down to the wire and hope to roll out the updated version soon.  The intent was to do some technical work on the site that it needed for SEO, search engine optimization, as well as make the check out experience easier and provide a process for retailers to sign up and register and then be able to place orders online.  Fingers crossed this will achieve its objectives.  We didn’t really change the background look of it.  That still seemed relevant as it is the “branded” look, similar to what the catalog looks like.  It was the content that needed to be upgraded and changed (and I still have some of that to rewrite).  Look for new roll out soon…and with that the blog will be part of the website and won’t have this same look as it does now.

The other item I wanted to note was how pleased I was to be asked “you are the artist that does the cards, aren’t you?” the other weekend when I went to church at Unity Spiritual Center at 19th and Ocean.  (The bookstore carries my cards.)  I said yes and then the woman proceeded to tell me how much she loved my cards and that she had been mailing one a week to a dear friend of hers who has been very ill.  She said the friend looks forward to getting a new card each week.  She feels the messages on the cards are uplifting and perfect for her friend.  I was so touched to think that she carefully selects a new card to send and writes her own words, which when added to the sentiment, becomes a letter of love and support sent to her friend.  Truly, that story itself made me realize that I’m achieving my goal of “enriching and inspiring’ those who come in contact with my work.

One last thing, I’ve been diligent about posting my “painting of the week” as I call it, on Facebook.  It started back in January when I was painting each week and posting.  When I realized that I had a string of weeks of posting a new painting, I decided to make it a challenge and keep it up for the year.  I knew it would keep me focused on “creating” my art, which it has, rather than too caught up in worrying about and only focusing on the “business” or busyness of the business.  An unexpected benefit is that I’ve been stretching myself a bit, trying a different kind of paper (hot press vs cold press) and being open to different techniques.  I’ll post the painting I just posted on facebook today.

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I decided to paint the shoes without my feet in them!


John, my printer, suggested one day that I should take a picture of my shoes and paint that image.



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