it’s happening!

It’s nearly noon on Monday, May 24th.  I’ve got a month exactly to get my cards printed (hopefully end of this week for proofs/next week for real thing), catalog complete and website up an running before the Denver Int’l New Age Trade Show that I’m going to participate in! I paid for a 1/2 booth (5×10) on Friday and filled out the required paperwork.  This morning I got on Expedia and am now booked with flights, hotel and car.  I’m flying Emily in from Seattle to help me work the show!  I know she’ll be a natural as she works in the gift industry with her job at Northwest Art and Frame.  She’s excited to help me and I’m thrilled to know I’ve got her!

Also purchased my domain name for this morning.  So much to do.  I’ve not even started yet with trying to learn Quick Books (Minda I wish you lived here rather than there!) and create all the documents I’ll need.  I’m excited to have deadlines and a “to do” list that will grow longer.  My nearly year of trying to find myself (and release the past)

is over and I’m back in the business world in a big way.  Thankful for the time I did have, the support from Mark and the opportunity to try out different ventures (Gallery Artist, Writing Class and group, Weight Watchers and painting).  I imagine my days now will be filled with business and commerce as I move forward.  I’ll have to make time to paint (I usually do have to make the time as much as I love the process) in order to stay up with new images.  Thankfully still have a backlog of images to cull from.  Also want to source new product that I can introduce such as journals, magnets and any other great idea that comes to mind!

I tried uploading these pics and not sure if I did it correctly.  Mark, Susan (his sister) and I took a hike up one of our favorite paths on Saturday.  Up Sweeney Ridge.  Quite the expansive view of the Pacific Ocean at the top plus I loved the bloo (lupines and california poppies) that was in full bloom everywhere.  Nature inspires me.  I have a big need to get out into it on a regular basis.  Thankful also for living amongst such beauty!

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