it’s my Birthday week!!!!

Notice I don’t have a Birth…DAY.  I actually have a Birth Month.  I think I may have noted earlier in the month my Birthday Challenge, which was to paint and/or draw every day in the month of September.  Coming down to the wire and I’m proud to say I’ve done good!!  Some days have only been a 15 minute sketch in my journal but other days I’ve actually got paints out and played.  Definitely will have a few new cards in the line as a result of this “challenge”!

Saturday was much fun as I participated in Alden Lane Nursery’s (in Livermore, CA) Quilt weekend as a featured artist.  I pulled together a little still life (sunflowers and pumpkins from their garden) then did a sketch and painted it while there.  I absolutely loved getting all the positive feedback from folks that came by and talked to me as I worked.  There were a LOT of people there as there are a LOT of quilts displayed throughout the garden and gift area.  It is an incredible Nursery filled with all types of flora and fauna not to mention lovely gifts!

Mark called a bit ago and asked if I wanted to go to the Giants game!  He’s getting tickets from a friend.  Seems like it will be a good night to go as the temp was up in the 70’s today, the sun is still out and sky still blue!  I’m looking forward to a hot dog and beer!  As I told him, “what a perfect way to start my birthday week!”  My Birth…Day is Weds the 28th.  I’ll be busy spinning around and around like I do before I leave town because the next day we’ll be on a plane for a 6:10am flight back to Indiana!  Mark is thrilled to be going home to catch the Purdue/Notre Dame game.  I’m just thrilled to go home and see my Mom (and other family members and friends!)  I’m calling it the “Mom” trip because we’ll be in Indiana till Tuesday when we fly down to Ft. Lauderdale to see Mark’s Mom.

And my Birthday gift from the Universe is orders orders orders this month!!  I’ve been a busy bee putting together waaaaay more orders than I’ve ever had prior.  Words and Watercolors seems more viable than ever!  On Friday I looked on Quickbooks at my sales for the month of September and was already at $7,000.!!  THAT is a banner month, double and more my biggest month prior!  I’m thinking as I continue to add reps, that number will continue to grow.  Now to find an intern or someone who can help me put all the orders together…I’ve been so darn busy with orders that I’m not getting to all the other things I need to be doing….not complaining though!!


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