keep moving

Mark and I had a discussion this morning about how important it is to wake up each day and start moving in the direction you want to go.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, you don’t make it a big deal…you just start moving…walking towards your goal/dream/vision.  As is so often quoted, “It’s not the end result but the JOURNEY that is important”.  Each day allows us another step into the journey of our lives.  I’m thankful for Mark who shares his wisdom with me and reminds me how important it is to stay positive and moving!

Speaking of moving, I continue to move in the right direction towards getting my artwork into card format.  Had another session with Sarah today.  This was not as much new information as going over what I’ve done before.  Sarah noted that when she’s here and we are working on something I appear quite calm.  She did get the correct sense, however, that when she’s not here and I’m trying to recreate something I am not as calm!  I get quite agitated as I know I’m missing some simple step but can’t recall it.  She pops in and walla….shows me what to do…and it seems soooo easy!!!  How did i miss that!?  Repetition helps and I am getting there after repeating the same steps over and over….

Moving forward, I talked to the one printer I think I’m going to use today.  I want to go by and review paper choices.  We set up a meeting for Tuesday morning.  I also called the card buyer at a bookstore in Petaluma.  I’m thinking I need another store to get feedback from before printing.  This store has quite an extensive card selection and carries Brush Dance cards so she may be familiar with my work.  She wasn’t in but will be on Sunday so I might pop in and ask for her.

Lastly, I’m thrilled that my daughter Emily is coming to town!  She flies in tomorrow shortly after noon.  I know we’ll have 3 busy days of fun and I’ll be sad to put her back on the plane Monday evening.  For now, I’m going to enJOY every moment with her.  I’m also planning on picking her brain as she works at Northwest Art and Frame in West Seattle.  One of my all time favorite stores.  She has a good eye and an awareness of the gift industry so I’m going to get some right on feedback, I hope, from her.

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