LA gift show and website update

Drove down to LA yesterday.  I drove “Papa Bear’s car”.  Mark has a Ford Freestyle which is larger than my VW Passat wagon so it can hold the 3 tables, large card rack, large suitcase and various boxes that contain my booth components much better than my car.  Because it is wider and longer than my car, I’m not as comfortable driving it and feel  a bit like Goldilocks in a car that is not quite the right size!  I am grateful, however, that Mark insisted that I use his car rather than mine!  The drive down was easy and unloading everything was a breeze as the LA Convention Center has help waiting at the loading dock to unload your vehicle and transport the item on little vehicles right into your booth!  I loved that!!  No schlepping required from me.  I just parked my car in the garage after it was unloaded, went in to the registration booth, got my badge and found my way to the booth for set up.  It didn’t take me too long to put it all together.  Met up with my nephew Tim Karp afterwards and we went back to his apartment.  He and his girlfriend are kind enough to host me while I’m here in the City of Angels.

Check out!  Sarah updated the website to reflect the 31 NEW designs that we created for these January Shows.  You can order “a bundle” of 10 buy going to the “Buy and Bundle” site and listing which 10 you want for $30 (you save $5.).  PLUS, I am still offering FREE SHIPPING so it is a helluva deal!!

I’m looking forward to the next 4 days.  Trusting that I’ll be surprised and happy with all the orders I’ll write!   Wish me Luck!!

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