layers of the dream

Mark and I went to see the movie “Inception” last night.  I have to admit, I liked it overall.  Gave us pause for lots of conversation re: the nature of reality and what is “real”?  The dream within the dream within the dream…I’m now living the “dream” I had requested when casually writing on a post it note in the summer of 2006 that I would be married to the man of my dreams and living a creative life.  I had NO idea when I wrote that how it would come to be.  Long a believer in affirmations and the power of positive thinking, I was amazed when I found that post it note in a journal last summer and realized that it had come true (though amid much turmoil, confusion and pain).  Once I found that post it note, I taped it up on my wall in my office to remind me just how powerful I can be!  I often forget and doubt everything I espouse.  I get scared too and think I must be crazy for thinking lofty thoughts.  Our minds are powerful, as the movie Inception claims as well, and only work at a fraction of their potential.  I’ll try to keep harnessing the power of my mind instead of allowing fear to overtake me.

Along those lines, I had walked down to the corner on Tuesday to get some fruit from Vincent.  Chatting with him always makes my day.  I walk away and find myself thinking “I had to move to such a completely different environment to what I was used to for this transformation to take hold”.  Wow!  That was an interesting thought??  Where did that come from??  I’m walking up a street that looks completely different from my 40th Ave address of West Seattle.  Opening the metal gate, which allows me to walk up the steps and unlock the door to our apartment, I marvel as I realize how astute that thought is…I live in the “Bayview” neighborhood of SF (kinda like the CD in Seattle).  I’m the minority here…a white person among the predominantly blacks and  mexicans of this neighborhood.  In my wildest dreams, I would never have picked out this neighborhood to live in…and yet, I love our perfect sized apartment for us…the upstairs flat of a Victorian house.  I love our neighbors Chris and Sarah (who’ve been so instrumental in making me feel plugged in to this neighborhood and with my new life as Sarah has been my graphic designer, friend and confident).  I love buying fruits and veggies from Vincent on the corner and my involvement with Art94124.  None of that would have happened without this move.  From the perspective of today, I can see how perfect it was that we did move to this area.  It helped me make the shift from “Single Mom/Sales Queen” to “Married Lady with kids in Seattle/Artist”.  How?  Because nothing was what I expected and nothing looked familiar.  To quote a conversation I had with the woman who writes poetry on a typewriter at various venues throughout SF, “I had to give up so much of what I was in order to become who I am now”.   She too dealt with the grief of letting go of an “old life” in order to embrace the life of her dreams.  Funny how that all works….Transformations and Dreams…they do factor into creating the life we envision.  We just need to leave room in the equation for the Universe to guide and lead us in ways we wouldn’t have considered!!  Maybe I should call this the esoteric post!?

I’m on a plane Saturday afternoon to go see my kids/friends in Seattle.  Can’t wait!!!  It’s also the Seattle Gift Show and I’ll be popping in to see Julie Morgan and her showroom.  Julie repped for me in my first “words and watercolors” incarnation and agreed to do so again!  Yeah!!

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