learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Being an Entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.  It is easy for me to revert to overwhelm. I’m in a bit of it at this moment but choosing to write about it, in addition to reminding myself of the power of plain old breathing.  Breathing allows for movement, which is what I need to keep doing.  All this a result of hanging up the phone after talking to Andrew Behla.  I’ve just committed to having my website upgraded.  It costs money.  And I hate to spend money.  Though I do know the old adage “it takes money to make money”.

Plus, I don’t understand 1/2 of what he’s outlined in his proposal.  As I said, it all looks like greek to me.  Widgets and plugs in…Woo Canvas Theme and Woo Commerce extensions…I’m trusting that it all makes sense to him and he knows what I want….Thank You Andrew for what will be some hand holding as we go through this process.

Over the weekend, I remembered reading somewhere that being an entrepreneur requires one to “learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”.  Boy how true is that!!  I’ve been getting ready for 2013 with new cards, new catalog printed.  Launching with Focused Sales as a rep group.  Packages shipped to reps.  Spent a good portion of 3 days last week counting cards as Corina, my bookkeeper, stressed the importance of accurate inventory.  John is going to be putting shelves up along 2 walls of the office that currently holds my cards.  I’m so excited about getting organized.  But in overwhelm when I see ALL the product that is printed in All the boxes waiting for the orders to come in so we can ship out!  Planning for the Vegas gift show the end of January.  So much work to do…breathe and do the next thing…breathe and do the next thing…breathe….

It’s worked, I’ve calmed myself down a bit…now to do the next thing….work on Vegas….

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