let your music out

Mark and I start the day reading from inspirational books most mornings.  We’ve read and reread countless times Wayne Dyer’s little book “10 Secrets to a Successful Life”.  One of his Secrets is “Don’t die with the music still in you”.  His message being do what you are passionate about…no matter what that is…singing, playing music, riding horses, working with computers, making cupcakes, etc…For so many years, I had my “music”, my art, inside of me.  I was telling Emily tonight at dinner that I didn’t even feel I could call myself an “Artist” till I was well into my 40’s!  I thought of myself as a Designer and a Salesperson but not an Artist, even though I played with watercolors and wrote in journals. Now I’m surrounded by over 100 images of my artwork while I stand in my booth receiving compliments on both my art and my words.  It’s thrilling to know that I really am “touching” others with my “music”.  I thank God for the changes in my life that allowed this to transpire!  And I thank my husband for pushing me to allow the Artist to come out and share her gifts with the world!

The Atlanta Gift Show is proving to be good for me.  As I hoped, I’m meeting new people, writing orders and having fun hanging with my baby girl (who can now order a beer legally!).  You’ll be able to find my cards in 25 HomeGoods stores come September.  They are going to be focusing USA Made companies and Words and Watercolors will be there!

Also is the bonus of hanging out with my best friend from 8th Grade who has lived in Atlanta for years.  I remember Nancy and I talking on the phone for hours…back in the day when phones were connected to cords, we’d talk endlessly about boys and Ashley Wilkes and who knows what all!?!  She picked me up at the airport Weds night.  As we were driving to my hotel we passed a sign for Margaret Mitchell’s (author of Gone with the Wind) Museum.  I asked Nancy if she remembered that we read “Gone with the Wind” in 8th grade?  “We didn’t have to read that in 8th grade”, she replied.  “No, we didn’t have to read it in school but you and I read the book remember?  We were so impressed with ourselves because it was 1,037 pages long!”  She laughed, of course!  BFF’s, truly as she has chauffeured me and Em around Atlanta!!

So what’s your music?  I’m sure you are sharing your unique to you gifts with the world!  Posting a few pics from Atlanta!

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