livin the dream!

The title of this blog came to me on the last day of the Atlanta Gift Show as I talked to Tara, from Eco Papers, one of my new booth friends from the show (these trade shows can be grueling as you stand around your booth for hours on end).  I’ve been meaning to post this since I returned home and an entire week has elapsed….but because I’ve been “livin the dream” I’ve not gotten around to postin the blog!!

In telling Tara my transformation story (Sales Queen to Artist/Entrepreur) she made the comment “your livin the dream”!  I loved it and thought right then I need to write a blog with that title.  It’s true.  I am living the dream I held for many years.  Some days I have all the confidence in the world and believe this will grow into the vision I hold for it (my artwork printed on any number of products)  as well as be able to sustain me in the manner I’m used to (I have to admit, Sales was good for me financially, I miss that!).  Other days I wonder how I’m ever going to make it happen.  I worry that the $$ is going out faster than coming in (true) and question how I’ll ever make the change to redirect the flow to more $$ coming in than going out.  I get tons of ideas but realize I’m only one person.  I can only do so much.  I remind myself to “focus and finish” whatever is in front of me.  One step in front of the other…one day at a time…trust…it will happen.  My usual optimistic view of the world regains control and thankfully I remember that a positive attitude can work miracles.

I returned from Atlanta last Tuesday night.  The next day was Wednesday and though I was tired, I did work that day (I might have taken a nap?!).  I was busy Thursday and Friday as I also was preparing to do a “drawing/watercolor” workshop at Flora Grubb (A lovely nursery here in the Bayview, the part of San Francisco where I live) on Saturday.  That was fun.  I loved it!  We had about 15 people.  It was  a great success (I thought!) based on the lovely works that everyone shared at the end when we did a little “show and tell”,  the number of people who thanked me and the few who asked me where else I “taught”.

It’s after 10pm (my bewitching hour) and I need to go to sleep so I’ll sign off.  I’ll post a pic of me “teaching”.  But before I do that, I’ll ask the question…are you “livin your dream?”  Do you know what your dream might be?  Is there something you can begin or do today that puts you one step closer to “livin your dream”…Go For It!

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