Livin Your Dream

I’m “Back home again…in Indiana…” as the song goes.  My visit so far has been busy. Filled with fun, spontaneous moments, and good connections.  After watching the Celtic band “The Mickey Finns” play at 9 Irish Brothers in West Lafayette last Thursday night, I had wanted to post a blog with this title.  Too tired to write, I opted for bed.  Friday I was up and out of my sister’s house early for an appt with Cheryl of Two Tulips, a lovely gift store on Main Street in Lafayette.  She loved my matted cards placing an order for some of those plus a number of greeting cards.  The  “Gallery Walk” was Friday night and she asked if I’d like to participate by displaying my things in her store.  She got excited about the possibility, as did I.  I explained these were my samples but she said not a problem.  She’d make a note about the fact these were samples but an order had been placed and was coming.  The display looked great (pic attached) and I did have fun introducing my work and myself to the customers that stopped by to look at my work.  I felt encouraged, again, by the compliments I received thinking that this little card company of mine will grow into the vision I hold for it!

I kept thinking of getting to my blog but it never happened.  Now that it is days later, I have even more subject matter to add to my post.

Back to the subject of “Livin your Dream”, as Mary Alice, Jim (my sister and her hustband) and I enjoyed our dinner at 9 Irish Brothers, Jim told me the story about how the owner, Jerry O’Brien, had previously owned another business on the property.  He had always wanted to have an Irish Pub.  The old bldg was torn down replaced by a new one that upon opening the door makes you think you’ve stepped into County Clare as many of the furnishings and fixtures came from the old sod itself! Jerry looks like he could have walked out of a magical forest in Ireland, a bit of a leprechaun with a broad smile on his face and a glint of mischief in his eyes.  Clearly his dream made manifest!  And to top it off, he’s able to introduce Lafayette to Celtic music!  “the Mickey Finns”, a trio from Ireland, began their 9pm set early with lively music ” which had everyone clapping.  As I sat, sketching the various members playing their instruments, I thought how they too were “livingtheir dream.  You could hear the love they have for their music as they played!

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