making headway

I just met with Sarah, my neighbor, who conveniently also happens to be a Graphic Designer and well versed in how to work the Adobe programs of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.  She’s consulting with me to teach me what I need to learn in order to get my cards ready for printing.  My new Apple laptop (thanks to Catharine), my Adobe software (thanks to Beth) and now learning the production (thanks to Sarah).  I’m getting closer!!!

I feel like I’m making headway as I’m learning new things….how to take my scanned artwork and make a card out of it!  Also excited to have made an appointment for this Friday afternoon to meet with Cristin, owner of the Booksmith, to review rough card ideas before heading to the printer.  I continue to feel frightened at times, not to mention overwhelmed with all I must learn and do to create this Dream but I’m determined.  I’ll do it!  With Grace and Ease, I might add!!

I never had a clue that marrying Mark, two and a half years ago, would turn my entire world upside down.  I’m coming to accept and appreciate this new life I find myself in.  “Living the Creative Life”, as I like to refer to it.  No longer selling Commercial Carpet or Office Furniture, I’m intent on selling my own creativity (scary!!).  It has taken me well over a year for this transition to feel normal.  It’s amazing how much I had identified myself with the labels “single Mom”, and “successful, salesperson (ie…making good money)”.  Those labels no longer fit.  It was painful letting them go.  As much as I’ve always dreamed of doing something like this; the dream was always off into the future…out there…at some vague time and place.  To be pulling it into the NOW is a real experience!  God guide me each day to continue taking the steps needed in order to Aspire to my Dreams!!

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