Wanting to post a blog but not sure which topic to explore…so many to consider…just like my work day.  I have a tendency to spin around doing what I think is the most important thing to focus on but realizing I may be way off base.  The role of an entrepreneur can be quite solitary, which is challenging for me, and I fear that somedays I’m focusing on the wrong things.  I rarely choose “creating” as in painting/playing with my watercolors or writing.  I typically start out the day on my laptop checking email then look at my “to do” list.  That can provide the needed direction and off I go making sales calls or filling an order or any number of things.  I’m going to try and “trust”, that favorite word of mine, that I’m focusing on the best thing to do every time I make a decision to do something.  “Act NOW!” is akin to Nike’s “Just Do It”.  In reading Success magazine and other motivational things, I believe I’m doing the right thing when I DO something!

Right now I’m going to shut down, read a bit and fall asleep.  That’s the perfect thing for me at this moment.  Nearly my bedtime. Sleep. Love it!

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