mid trip

More than 1/2 way through my trip, I’m sitting in my brother’s kitchen, contemplating the past week.  Though my booth location was poor in Atlanta, I tried to make the best of it.  I enJOYed talking to my booth mates and made some good connections for potential licensed opportunities for my artwork.  It’s a long marathon sitting in that booth for 5 days.  Thankfully, prior to leaving San Francisco I called on many of the stores who’s business cards I had collected when attending the July show.  My first order at this show was from one of those calls!  Yeah!!!  Also had 2 other people stop by from my phone efforts.  I’m confident that with my diligent follow up, I’ll be able to write enough orders that will help justify the expense of the booth.  One thing I continue to learn is it is all about getting out there and being seen.  The orders may not come immediately but they do come.  Also had fun meeting my new reps that are covering Florida for me.  So there were many positives to the show and that’s what I’m going to focus on (rather than my terrible location and empty walkways).

Best of all was I got to spend the week with my good friend Nancy and her husband Kevin rather than in a hotel.  Better yet, Nancy accompanied me on the first 2 days of the show so I wasn’t completely alone.  As Rusty, from the booth catecorner to ours, told me, “Your friend did a great job passing out your catalogs when you were gone!”.  So though Nancy may not consider herself a salesperson in any sense of the word, I believe she may need to reconsider!!  It was so nice to be able to come home to a home after the show rather than a hotel room.  Not to mention cheese and crackers, wine and home cooked meals!

I decided during this show that I WILL join the Greeting Card Association, Doug in the booth next to me was past president, and I WILL attend the New York Stationery show in New York this May.  One lady plopped down in one of my chairs on Monday.  She asked what other shows I’d be attending.  I told her SF next month.  She asked if I were going to the Stationery show and I responded in the affirmative.  “Good”, she proclaimed.  “I’ll write an order there with you there.”  She told me she loved my cards and also reassured me that she lunches each day of that show with 11 of her friends…”I’ll get every one of them to come to your booth!”.  Plus she said I won’t have any trouble finding reps at that show.  “You’ll be fresh meat and they’ll flock to you”.  Those kinds of comments make me feel this is all worth it.  Nancy met me at the Airport Tuesday with my luggage.  She was also flying out that evening for her work. As we said good-bye, I asked her if she’d like to come to NYC and help me in May.  She said she just might if the dates worked out for her…so it was all worthwhile!

Grateful for 2 down days in between the busy days.  My brother has made me breakfast the past 2 days.  His own heart healthy oatmeal/granola special.  It’s delicious.  I slept in yesterday morning and napped in the afternoon at Mom’s.  I didn’t realize how tired I was…tomorrow morning I’ll be on the train to Chi-town.  More fun awaits!

I’m photo challenged at the moment.  Having problems downloading pics so I’ll just post this and the pics will have to follow…..

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