Just returned from a productive morning.  My car is now cleaned and ready to be packed for the trip to LA on Thursday  (I’ll be an exhibitor at the LA Gift Show).  I went for a jog and best of all, talked to Vincent, on the corner at 3rd and Palou, who is selling fruits and veggies.  He reminded me to “create from a place of joy!”.  Joy just oozes from him as he speaks with passion about “creating what you want with your words and claiming what you want by stating it”.  How true how true!  His thoughts mirrored the ones I was having as I jogged along the scenic Golden Gate Park.  Flowers in bloom everywhere…I looked up, at one point, and saw a little waterfall.  The water cascading down rocks and into a stream that babbled along as it flowed towards its destination of a serene pond.  I thought how lucky I am to find myself out in Nature enjoying it’s sights and sounds.  Just as quickly, I flashed on the words I’d written for the January page of my 2011 Calendar:  “Imagine the Life you want to Live…then Live it!!  (It’s that simple).”

When I wrote those words I was hoping, with all my might, that I could, in fact, be able to create the life I wanted but I have to admit I was also a bit skeptical.  Because the artwork and words need to be submitted long before the calendars are printed, I wrote the words for that 2011 Calendar in 2009, shortly after I had moved to San Francisco.  At the time, I was still reeling with all the changes I had made in my life (leaving Seattle, my home of 19 years, my job, friends and most of all my children, though they were young adults) and couldn’t reconcile the fact I had a new life waiting for me to unfold.  As I was out slogging (what I call my slow jog) this morning, I realized how far I’ve traveled since I wrote those words.  I HAVE imagined the life I wanted!!  I’m living the “creative life” I used to dream about.  It’s happening!  Though true to form, it doesn’t look like I initially thought it would yet I can’t deny that the essence of what I wanted is right here and now!  My hope is that my “words and watercolors” will be out in the world in a BIG way and that they are able to touch the heart and soul of those who come in contact with them.  Just as my mantra states on my facebook page.  May we all enjoy the moments of life, live with the joy and passion that Vincent exudes and celebrate the here and now!

By the way, if anyone is interested, my 2011 Calendar is now available on the Brush Dance website at this link:

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