Just had my 2nd Session with Sarah. Can’t say I’m proficient yet but I’m doing OK. Getting the template together and today added a text box. Now I’m going to play around with different fonts. Was proud to be able to create a horizontal template all on my own, after Sarah left.

I showed Sarah a few of my “cards” from “back in the day” that had the P.C. and Co. listed with the .25 cents. Actually one had the 25 crossed out and 50 written above it. Maybe I was ready to raise my prices?!  Sarah looked at me and asked, “Is that what you are going to name your company?”   I replied that I was thinking about “Bayview Arts” (we live in The Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco).  Sarah gave me one of those “I don’t know….” looks.  She thought it would be fun to name it PC and CO, taken straight from childhood card designs. I thought that sounded too generic.  That could be anything, like a plumbing supply company or a company concerned about being Politically Correct somehow? I then told her I had also considered “words and watercolors”, which was the original name for my card company introduced in the 90’s. I came up with that because I like to pair “words” with my “watercolors”. I thought I could still write “words and watercolors” on the back of these cards but have an umbrella name which allows for other products and possibly other artists?

open to feedback!

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