networking at nopa event

Mark and I attended a nopa (north of the panhandle) networking event last night at a funky shop called Swankity Swank.  Mark befriended Kip, who has pulled this networking group together, at his favorite hangout, Cafe Abir.  Kip did a great job hosting the event, getting people to introduce themselves in 30 second spots and creating dialogue about what’s needed in the community.  We had lots of fun meeting new people, enjoying conversation and a few beers.  Swankity Swank, the venue, is a funky store that showcases handcrafted items.  Two things were memorable for me at this event.

The first was a tarot reading I had!  Shortly after arriving, I noticed 2 people sitting up in the window of the storefront talking  with a table between them and cards on the table.  Then I saw the sign that said $10. Tarot reading.  Like a moth to the flame, I was the first to put my name on the waiting list.   A few minutes later, I was up in the window sitting with “Storm”.  He told me how he has worked with the Tarot since he was 15.  In addition to Tarot, he’s fascinated with X Men and Cartoons in general.  He’s even got his own Cartoon series.  The deck of cards he uses is a traditional card deck with X Men characters populating it.  He explained that he’s developed his own system of working with the X Men Archetype in addition to working with the Tarot.

He did a 3 card spread (past, present and future).  Not knowing anything about me or what I’m up to, what he “saw” was amazingly accurate (as I’ve found most all tarot readings to be).  He noted that doubt, restlessness and fear are all things I must arm myself against in order to follow my own true path/live as the soul intended.  The 2nd card revealed that of an Adventurer.  He said I might need to change residence or career.  I told him I’d already done both!  He suggested I could burn my fear as fuel for getting things done.  I liked that idea.  The 3rd card was all about self discipline, he indicated, honesty, virtue and fairness are all hallmarks of the King of Pentacles.  Storm interpreted this as I would be creating financial success (thankyou God) and by doing so, I would then be able to reach out to my subjects (as a King does) and inspire them as well.  We were pretty much done so I took my pocket calendar out of my bag and showed him my work.  He saw how in tune I am with capturing Nature (true) and was very positive about my future.  I loved hearing that!!

The 2nd person I met was much more practical!!  She works for the city and was promoting the SF small business week.  She had brochures and I picked one up.  There are an amazing number of free workshops planned and I’m going to try to get to some that seem very relevant for this new venture of mine. This kicks off in a week.  Perfect timing!

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