New Boxed Notecards!!!!

I’m thrilled to be introducing my NEW Boxed Notecards next week at the NYC Stationery Show.  It’s been quite the challenge getting ready for this show.  Doing a show in NYC is different from elsewhere.  I admit to being in a bit of overwhelm but hoping this show proves successful.  I’m in a 1/2 booth.  It will be tight and small, especially with 3 of us in there working!  I am so very happy that both my sister, Mary Alice, and my cousin, Geri, are going to accompany to NYC and help me with the show.  Like Emily has done for me in the past, they’ll provide levity and someone to talk with so I don’t freak out over whatever….grateful grateful grateful!!

Tuesday morning at 6:30am I’ll be sitting in a plane as it lifts off at SFO winging its way eastbound.  I’m flying to Indiana.  Will be able to spend a few days with my Mom (a bit delayed Happy Mother’s Day!) and then Mary Alice and I fly off to NYC on Friday where we’ll meet up with Geri as she flies in from Chicago.  I have no idea what to expect just hoping for a good show, lots of orders written and some fun had as well.

Here’s a pic of the new product.  Obviously not a marketing kind of picture as it is taken with my iPhone but at least you can get a sense of what I’m talking about.

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