New images on their way

I can’t wait for the January Gift Shows!  I’ll be leaving here on the 7th to fly to Atlanta.  The Gift Show starts on the 9th. Been a busy little bee creating new images for cards, boxed notes and list pads.  Now they are headed to the printers so I can have them ready to ship mid December.  Grateful for my decision to create a “painting of the week” to share on Facebook this year.  Because of that focused discipline, I had plenty of images to choose from.  Initially I was ready to print nearly 40 NEW images but my very thoughtful and smart rep friend, Deborah, suggested that I introduce less and then have another batch to introduce in the summer as stores always want to see what’s new and it helps the reps get appointments.  Very practical advice which I heeded!  It was tough though culling from the designs.  In the end, I decided to introduce 24 new greeting cards, 8 of them a new blank style since blanks sell very well, a close second to birthday cards.  I’ve got 4 new boxed notes + 7 new list pads.  So lots of new to showcase!  Fingers crossed that Words and Watercolors will capture the heart of buyers at the show and I’ll write lots of new business!

Another thing I’m looking forward to is sharing booth space.  In Atlanta I’ll be with my friend Cheryl, whose company Gently Spoken offers little books that are  inspirational messages which speaks to the heart of all who read them.  Cheryl was a retailer herself for many years so my booth will look the best it’s ever looked under her design direction!  At the Vegas show I’ll be joined by 2 other small greeting card publishers.  Neither of which I’ve met in person but the 3 of us share a rep in Colorado and we’ve all talked on the phone.  So 3 of us will be sharing a double booth.  Besides the obvious financial benefit to sharing booth space, we can provide emotional support, bathroom breaks and the good laugh when the aisles are slow.  Look for updates while I’m on the road!

Next week Thanksgiving!


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