new life at midlife

I just worked on crafting an email to the editors of More Magazine as I submitted an article I began when taking a non fiction writing class at the SF Writer’s Grotto last fall.  Ethan, the instructor, loved the richness of my “story” and encouraged me to work on small essay’s that I might submit to magazines rather than consider an entire book.  It has taken me some time to hone this article I just submitted but with the help of my writing group (varies between 4-6 of us that were part of the class) I’ve been able to work the story into a suitable article (I think!).  Fingers crossed I hear something positive.

I still have yet to write about my “new life at midlife” concept but am getting closer.  I had written a very “shitty first draft” of another essay that was reviewed by the writing group on Monday.  I’ve got lots of places to go with this idea but I have some direction now (thanks Steve and Lauren) and intend to keep noodling things around in my head and onto paper.  So though this does not relate directly to the creation of my card company, it is in the spirit of “living the creative life” which I aspire to do daily.

What do you aspire to daily??!!??  It’s past my bedtime and I’m headed for naneland…..

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