new product introductions

It’s summer time!  The Summer Show Season starts and W&W will be there along with new product.  11 New EDC (everyday) Cards, Wall Art and Paper Placemats!  Both Wall Art and Paper Placemats are new categories.  They came to be as I have had requests for my images as poster sizes at shows when people see the enlarged posters of cards hanging in my booth.  I’ve been considering how to do “wall art” for some time and decided now was the time to try it out and get feedback.  In the case of the paper placemats, my very colorful wrapping paper is always an attention grabber when I do shows, be they wholesale or retail.  I’ve had so many women purchase my paper, at various weekend quilt guild shows I’ve done, and tell me they were going to make placemats out of it that when someone brought to my attention a product called “Kitchen Papers” which was basically paper placemats on a pad of paper, I thought I could do that with my wrapping paper!

So it’s been a flurry of activity here as John, my printer, and I played with taking wrapping paper and cutting it in two last week.  We got so excited as we saw the possibilities of “repurposing” the paper.  It will make for colorful placemats (which could double as wrapping paper or used in some other decorative way!).  I’ve also been researching common frame sizes and getting ideas for pricing so we can offer prints of popular cards.  I’ve settled on 11×14 for a print that will be in a clear bag.

Excited to take these on the road, so to speak, and get real time comments, advice and hopefully purchases!  Pics to follow in July at ATL Gift Show.   It will be here before I know it!  Starts in 3 weeks from today…..



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