NYC wrap up

It’s Memorial Day, Monday the 28th of May

Well over a week since the last entry.  Happy to report that the Stationery Show restored my confidence (it was lagging) in what I’m doing.  I wrote orders, talked to lots of people, received great feedback on the boxed cards, and made some great contacts for both reps and potential licensee opportunities.  The days passed rather quickly and thanks to Mar and Geri’s help, I felt like I touched lots of people.  They would connect with folks while I was in the booth writing orders or talking to others.  I couldn’t have done it by myself.  I’m going to be busy for weeks (till I leave for Dallas June 20th) just getting orders out and following up on all the connections made at the show.  I had a stack of business cards that I went through the other day as I began the follow up process.

The show ended on Wednesday.  With help from Ron Saunders (an Art94124 friend in SF who was visiting NYC at the same time), I had my booth packed up in a 1/2 hour!  Record time.  Ron and I had lunch and then I was off to LaGuardia.  My flight was delayed due to weather.  Thankfully there were 23 others on the plane making the connection in Cincinnati on to SFO.  They held the plane for us in Cincy. I was exhausted by the time I finally arrived in San Francisco (about 11:30pm West Coast Time/2:30am East Coast).  Thursday was a catch up day and by Friday I was getting ready for my cousin and her husband who flew in early afternoon for the Memorial Day weekend.

I’m happy to finally be sitting quietly with my laptop.  Looking forward to diving back into catching up and writing orders tomorrow!

Can’t wait to see how Words and Watercolors continues to grow.  I found myself telling people at the show that it has been 2 years in June since I began this endeavor and it feels like the momentum is building.  I’m looking forward to that exponential growth I planned on earlier this year (that felt stalled for awhile).  The engines started again!

Here’s some pics of the show, NYC and the weekend!

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