one last show and a labyrinth

The Far West Nursery show begins Thursday in Portland, OR.  I’m going to participate in their Garden Pavilion which will showcase vendors that have products that sell in Nursery Gift Shops.  Words and Watercolors is a natural fit for such venues!  I’m beginning the drive tomorrow, planning to stop at Grant’s Pass, OR, 7 hours north of SF,  tomorrow night.  I’ll drive the remaining 4 hours into Portland on Wednesday which will allow me time to set up my booth.  This is the perfect Trade Show, not too long, 3 days, with even shorter hours (12-6 on Thursday and Friday; 12-4 Saturday). The other bonus about these travels is I get to connect with good friends.  I’m staying with Eve and Paul while in Portland plus will get to have dinner with Amy Driscoll on Thursday.  After Saturday’s show closes, I’m heading up the I-5 Corridor to see my kids and Seattle!

I delivered my cards to Grace Cathedral on Wednesday.  What a delight!  Bruce, who I had met at the SF Gift Show, took me up to a balcony area so I could view the Labyrinth etched into the floor.  He explained how it was designed after the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral.  He suggested that I do a painting of a labyrinth explaining that anything with a labyrinth on it sells in their gift shop.  I told him I’d walked the one at Mercy Center in Burlingame.  They have a meditative quality to them.  I think it a great idea and hope that once I’m back from the Northwest that I get back to painting on a more regular basis.  Have you ever walked a Labyrinth?  What did it do for you?

I can’t wait to get back to the Great Northwest and no doubt will have pics to post next week!!

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