packed and ready to go

Picked up catalogs yesterday in Oakland, just picked up my calendars at UPS (after 9pm) in South San Francisco (I wasn’t here this morning when UPS stopped by), have worked with Sarah on signs to go on top of  the card racks.  I’ve decided on clothes to wear and boxes were shipped last week to Denver so I’ve just got to jump on the plane tomorrow morning with my catalogs, calendars, clothes, painting gear (I like to show the process and have my watercolors and some originals with me) and the ribbons/cards that will hang as the back drop.

I’m not too nervous and actually calmer than I anticipated.  Wish me luck.  Send me good energy!  I’ll try to post on here if I have internet access at the hotel I’m staying at…taking my camera so I can take pics.

The summer show season is kicking off…I can’t wait for all the positive feedback and incredible connections I’m going to make!!

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