pics from ArtsFest3!

2 Posts in one day!  Please note that you can double click on an image and it will enlarge for better viewing!

I was out on my walk/jog this evening after posting my latest entry and thought I should have added the pics we uploaded from my camera the other day.  I talked so much of the amazing Sarah in my latest post that I thought it would be fun to show her letting loose with a hula hoop at ArtsFest3 (middle pic)!  In addition to Miss Em sitting behind her table of her own artwork (like mother like daughter).  You can also see me holding down the tent as the usual San Francisco afternoon wind created a wind tunnel that whipped things around.   Emily also had her fun turn with the hula hoop and I included the end of the day pic with Em and I in front of the “wacky” Doggie Diner entourage that graced the Fest as well as Em at the “writing corner”.  The “amazing Sarah” put together an “amazing day” of entertainers, activities, artists and fun (she did have a core team of volunteers, myself included, but she put forth and amazing amount of effort and work to pull off a very fun day in the Bayview!  Can’t wait for next year’s fun in the sun!

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