pouring rain allows for planning greeting cards

It’s a rainy Sunday in San Francisco.  Pouring Rain.  The kind that stops people from going out, which explains the slow traffic at the “Rendezvous”, an Art and Craft Fair I’m participating in along with a few vendors at the Buddy Rhodes showroom.  Yesterday was much busier.  People coming by to check us out…and they did buy as well!  I was very happy with my sales but even more grateful for all the positive comments about my work.  Again, I realize that I do have work that touches people.  When total strangers tell me that I should check out this store or that, I’m thrilled.  First, that they “see” my work in a store and second that they are affirming my vision of Words and Watercolors growing into the viable, profitable business that I expect it will be.

Today, being so quiet, gives me much needed time to devote to the creation of my next launch of cards.  I’m planning on having additional cards added to the line for the January Gift Shows.   The San Francisco Gift Show begins early on January 8th, which means that this planning needs to be done within the next week or so in order to allow enough time for Sarah to get the cards into the “mechanical’s” that will go to the printer.  In addition, we’ll be creating a supplemental catalog and that also has to get designed and to the printer.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to grab my computer as I walked out the door today.  This holds my work now that my artwork has been scanned and the images downloaded into the computer.  I began last week formatting the image to the card size.  Now it’s time to add the “words” to the “watercolors”.  With little to no traffic at this show, I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished.  In addition to working on the cards, I played with my watercolors doing a fun “sketch” of poinsettia.  Also had time to write this to post to the blog.  When I leave for my 7:30am Yoga class tomorrow, I won’t be so concerned about all I’ve got to get done as I’ve got a jump on the week!  Yeah!!

I walked out of here at 6pm last night feeling very grateful for my move to San Francisco, my decision to, finally, create the card line that I had always wanted and the belief that it was going to happen in the BIG way that I have envisioned.  I sold quite a few of my 2011 Calendars yesterday.  I pointed out to folks the “words” written on the January page: “Imagine the Life You Want to Live, Then Live It!!  (it’s that simple!)”.  In pointing out the words, I explained that when I “wrote” those words (I believe they were divinely inspired) it was nearly 2 years ago.  At that time, I did not believe them.  I thought the idea sounded wonderful but couldn’t imagine that I could do just that…it sounded too easy.  “Imagine the Life you want to Live then Live IT!”  I believe the “(it’s that simple!)” was added for my behalf…to remind me that it really can be that simple.  Well, I think I have finally gotten “it”!  Those words now resonate with me.  I believe them.  It is that simple and I am living “the life!”  WooHOO!!


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