Funny how procrastination can happen…even when you desperately want to get something done….procrastination is there waiting for you to put off what you plan to do with distractions like facebook, and email and cookies to make to take to a friends, chores to be done etc….

I’m surprised at how much I’ve procrastinated this week.  Suffice it to say that I don’t have much to write about as far as steps taken (and I’ve got a lot of steps I need to finish before I meet with Sarah again) because I’ve been “dilly dallying” to quote my Mom.

It was worth it to make “Mamoo Chili and Oatmeal Coconut Cookies” to take over to my friend Aimee’s today.  I got to hold her sweet baby girl, Lois, who is all of nearly 8 weeks old.  I marveled at the magic of newborns as I held her, looked at her tiny hands, listened to her baby sounds and smelled her baby head.  Perfection.  I love being around babies!!!  I felt blessed to connect with that angel energy as I hopped back on my bike to ride home (the bonus…not driving because my car was getting an oil change…I didn’t have to worry about finding parking in North Beach!…Aimee has a side little garden that held my bike while I held Lois!).

Though I didn’t create much in terms of artwork or cards today, I did create a bond with a new being in my life!  Blessings to Lois and Aimee!

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