proofs ready from the printer!

Friday before Memorial Day weekend and what a busy day it has been!  I picked up my proofs about an hour ago.  They look great (if I do say so myself).  I’ve been looking at them on a computer screen for so long that it seemed funny to hold them in my hand!  Sarah came up with a great idea yesterday afternoon, to include a postage size image  in the inside of the card since we were having the inside text color too we might as well take advantage of it.  Definitely dresses up the quality/look of the card, I believe.  I’m so grateful for Sarah’s input!!

Found myself at my favorite frame shop as well today as I had to get my 3 pieces of art framed/matted for the Art94124 Studio show which opens on our big Artsfest day next Saturday (Emily coming from Seattle for that! Yeah!!).  I had the frames but needed matts cut and decided to just put the whole thing together over there, Back to the Picture on Valencia.  Randy, who runs it, also is a key contributor, along with Sarah for Art94124.  As we took a break and had lunch today, I told him how grateful I was for this past year unfolding.  Looking back I could see my progress.  A year ago I was still working for Gary/Mastercraft Floorcovering but was about to quit.  Kathy and Rob were arriving for the weekend (just as they are this evening) and I was still grappling with the loss of my life in Seattle.  Thankfully, because of meeting Sarah and Chris and getting involved in Art94124, my whole life has changed.  I told Randy I no longer identify with that Sales Queen persona I wore not to mention I’ve had to cut my apron strings with Em and Bob (though still intact, the apron just isn’t tied on as tight!).

Mark just arrived with Kathy and Rob.  WooHoo!!  Off to a F-U-N weekend….more later….

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