Quilt Market

I’m here in Pittsburgh for Quilt Market.  I absolutely love this quilting world.  Everyone is so friendly!  As I was headed to baggage claim on the tram, I look to my left and see a woman who looks like she’s a Quilt Market attendee also (thousands of both quilt retailers as well as mfgs/vendors attend).  I ask if she’s headed to Quilt Market and she replies in the affirmative.  Neither of us had figured out how we were going to get from the airport to downtown Pittsburgh.  I had called the Marriott earlier to ask if they had a shuttle from airport to hotel.  No they did not was the answer and the suggestion for how to get there was taxi or the ubiquitous blue van, Super Shuttle.  I told Jerie that so we decided to split a taxi ride.  After a 40 minute ride in taxi we were friends!  Had a very enjoyable dinner together as well.

Getting out of the taxi at the Marriott, a woman sees the Purdue emblem on the T-shirt I was wearing and asks if I went to Purdue.  Yes.  She tells me she is from Lafayette.  I respond that I am too and ask her what High School she attended adding that I went to CC (Central Catholic).  She told me she was at McCutcheon.  I tell her I live in CA now and have a greeting card company as well as designed quilt fabric for Clothworks.  She hands me her card and tells me they are looking for greeting cards for their store.  She’s in Florida.  She’s Pat and I’m Peg.  3 letters begins with P,  I tell her and we laugh as I hand her my card and then the taxi driver takes off!

I wish I could figure out why my photos from my phone are not loading on to iCloud.  I went to the Genius Bar last week at Apple and thought I had solved the problem but it’s still not uploading so I’m not able to add any pics to my posts yet.  I will figure this out!  You can head over to words and watercolors on Facebook and see posts there of my booth and the colorful and fun quilt that Chris Hoover, with Whirligig patterns made with my “Cultivate your Joy” fabric collection.  It’s amazing!  I love it!

OK, Day 1 in the booth starts soon and I need to go fuel myself with some breakfast.  Thanks for reading!


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