Really! it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve written?

Has it really been 2 weeks since I last did a blog post?  How can that be??  I tell myself that I’m going to get better about “blogging” but along with my journal, I don’t write as much as I want to.  In my defense, I will say that Words and Watercolors is keeping me BUSY!  When I checked reports the end of March, I was happy and not surprised to see that there was a 46% increase in business over last year (no wonder I don’t have as much time as I used to….).

Being a Libra (love to balance work/play/life), I’ve been struggling to try and find the time to do what I want to do (play with watercolors and exercise).  Both have suffered this year as I just try to keep my head above water.  As a friend suggested the other day, “you are going through growing pains”.  That is true.  Word and Watercolors turned 4 in March (I didn’t even have time to acknowledge that) so now we are moving from toddler to preschool stage.

As you can see from the attached photos, the past 2 weeks were busy.  I don’t even have pics from the Contra Costa County Quilt Guild Show that I participated in on April 5th and 6th but I did have a grand time chatting it up with many people I’ve met before at prior shows plus new friends.  And always enJOY showing my fabric collections that Clothworks (quilt fabric mfg) manufacturers.  I sold TONS of product (greeting cards, wrapping paper, boxed notes, list pads) and enjoyed myself immensely.

Lots of photos attached from a special evening with my shaman friends Michaela, Cathy and Karla.  We walked the labyrinth which is located at Lands End, part of National Parks and located at the tip of NW corner of SF.  Karla was moving back to North Carolina that week and Michaela was getting married so lots to process and celebrate!

My husband has a BIG birthday next week.  Our friend Tom hosted us in Walnut Creek the weekend I was at the quilt show.  We had some friends join us at Tom’s for dinner and we surprised Mark with an early birthday celebration!  The beautiful flowers were in Tom’s yard.

Paula has been an integral part of my life since we met waaaaay back in the day at Marian College in Indianapolis!  I fulfilled a dream of visiting Europe in the summer of ’81 along with Paula (and others) and she helped me drive my VW “out west” when I decided to move to Denver later that year.  Prior to moving “out west”, I often stayed with Paula and her family in Cincinnati and I can say that they taught me about culture…as I learned about the symphony, attending plays and taking art classes at the museum!  I so enjoyed her trip with her 2 lovely children who accompanied her.  We had a grand time!

So with all that said, here’s to getting out to play more with my watercolors and exercise…and trying to be more consistent with writing….

Happy Easter!!  (I love all that it represents…new life…spring time…rebirth…)





Michaela, me and Karla at Land's End Labyrinth
Michaela, me and Karla at Land’s End Labyrinth
Karla, Cathy and Micheala at Land's End
Karla, Cathy and Micheala at Land’s End

bee on lavender flowering tree Mark blowing out candles for a BIG birthday a few weeks away....a surprise!

My roommate from college and still good friend after all these years!
My roommate from college and still good friend after all these years!
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