recommending Sarah

Sarah asked me to write a recommendation for her Linked In profile.  I was happy to oblige as she has been a big part of my success (I’m claiming the huge success I’m envisioning) with Words and Watercolors.  The product would not look near as professional and beautiful without Sarah’s thoughtful ideas and touches (the postage stamp image from the front of the card which graces the inside).  I thought I’d add to her exposure by posting my recommendation here as well which also allows me to say a big Thank-You to Sarah (only a week past Thanksgiving…I’m most Thankful for Words and Watercolors being launched this summer and can’t wait to see how it grows and expands…with Sarah’s continued involvement).  We are currently busy planning new designs for the January Gift Shows.

Here’s the recommendation as it appears in Linked In:

“Sarah’s title of “Freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer/Production Artist/Producer/Project Manager” aptly describes what she does but it fails to convey the superior nature of her work in all those areas. In a nutshell, Sarah is by far the best person to be hired for any graphic or web design project. She has been instrumental to the success of my Words and Watercolors greeting card company. Sarah put voice to my vision in that as she listened to my idea, she was able to translate it into graphics that were consistent across all forms of communication that we created from the actual greeting cards to business cards, catalog and website. Her ability to listen, her calm nature, and willingness to think outside the box all contributed to her designing creative solutions that exceed the expectations I had for Words and Watercolors. I have received many compliments on my catalog, business cards and website. As I thank people for the compliment, I give all the credit to Sarah. I highly recommend Sarah as she also brings to the table the skills of marketing strategist and consultant in addition to her problem solving, creative and production capabilities. As I’ve said to many, she is simply the Best! Feel free to contact me with any additional questions. Peg Conley President Words and Watercolors [email protected] 415.297.1917 December 2, 2010″

Now onto continued work in taking the scans of my originals into Photoshop and doing the necessary adjustments (that Sarah taught me how to do…me being ignorant of how to do graphics in a computer as I’m from the “old school” of graphic design!).


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