rest and rejuvenate

Appropriate title for a lazy Sunday morning.  I just said to Mark, “I don’t know when I’ve had this relaxing of a Sunday in a long time.”  For a bit I felt guilty stretched out on the couch, reading every section of the Sunday paper, the 2 cats curled up on my legs napping.  I closed my eyes in between reading for a little daydreaming/napping.  Totally self indulgent.  I didn’t allow myself to feel bad for too long as I recognized that resting/daydreaming/taking it easy is needed to bring one back to balance after much “doing”.  I wrote in my journal, a long time ago, about the merits of both “being” and “doing”.   I believe they work best in harmony.   You need the “doing” of getting out there and talking to people, attending the gift shows (in my case), calling people, packing up orders and getting to UPS (as I did Friday), writing the “to do” list for next week etc…too much “doing” though leads to burn out and despair (“I’ll never figure this out, I must be crazy” thinking starts to infiltrate).  So the “being” nature restores and rejuvenates.  New ideas can find the space to bubble up to the surface.  Anything becomes possible again, as the freedom from an agenda and tasks provides the void where creation can happen.  I’m going to relish this morning (now noon) knowing I’ll soon lace up my shoes for a slog (slow jog) down to meet Mark at his gym and then the day will crank up with other activities to compete for my time.  Not to mention, next weekend is the San Francisco Gift Show and I’m going to be attending that as well (long story I’ll get into later…for now I’m resting!).

By the way, Mark and I went to see the movie “The Kids are All Right” last night.  A talented cast, interesting story line and entertaining movie.  We’ve had quite a few discussions this morning about the movie.  Many layers and levels to the relationships the movie explores.  I could go on for some time too about our thoughts on the movie but don’t want to give anything away…it’s a good flick, go see it!

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