Royal Gorge

Mark and I drove up to Royal Gorge yesterday (near Tahoe).  It is the largest Cross Country Ski area in the country.  Miles and miles of groomed trails that go up and down the mountain offering scenic views of vistas and pine trees and one helluva workout!   This late in the season, there was not that many people traversing about.  It was rather glorious to feel like we had the place to ourselves as we skied along trails without seeing anyone most of the day.  I was especially grateful in the morning when I had a very hard time getting up a steep slope.  No one, but my husband, had to see me sitting down holding my poles close to my chest and crying.  I had about given up.  Mark, however, wouldn’t let me.  He came to my aid as I was whining because I kept sliding backwards.  I couldn’t get the traction to go forward on the icy trail.  Mark was slowly stepping up the trail and making headway but thankfully came back to me instructing me to plant my feet differently. He wouldn’t leave me and his physical presence, as he held onto my arm, steadied me.   When he finally said “use your toes” it worked.  As I tiptoed up the slope, I made it.  My problem had been the way I planted my feet, which allowed me to continue sliding backwards.  I felt hopeless because I could NOT get the traction or momentum to move forward.  The hopeless feeling resulted in the crying which when started I couldn’t shut off.  No stranger to tears (I’ve always cried easily and often and it is a release as my emotions can find some equilibrium after a good cry), I felt the weight of all my concerns release as I sat in the snow blubbering before Mark got me back on track.

After that rough patch, I began to inhale the healing scent of pine trees and revel in the powerful properties of Mother Nature, giving thanks for the chance to “breath in the beauty that surrounds us” as one of my cards states.   Both of us needed time to get acclimated to the skis as it had been 3 years since we’d strapped on the skinny boards.  As we went downhill both of us felt a bit of fear in flying so fast.  Once I began to relax though, I began to enjoy the process and even feel confident in my snowplow abilities as I shifted the weight from one leg to another.

I thought to myself, this is a lot like my business…I’m scared to death about going forward but as I take baby steps it seems to work out.  Some days I’m enjoying myself with all that being an entrepreneur entails, other days the fear grips me and I can’t move forward.  When that happens, I’m just going to recall the experience at Royal Gorge, stand on my tiptoes and go forward!

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