Friday Morning February 4th and I’m on a flight to Seattle.  Want to post a blog before I get caught up in the busy whirl of visiting my kids, friends, rep and trying to connect with stores re: my cards.

I did have a successful week in that I got all of my orders pulled, packed and to the post office.  I did realize, however, that as I grow this company, I can NOT be doing everything as it leaves no time for me to paint/draw/contemplate/write/hike etc…in essence the things that make words and watercolors what it is…

I did allow myself some moments of overwhelm this week as I realized that it will take a helluva lot of cards to be sent out to earn the living I want to earn.  But then, I tell myself, I’m working on multiple streams of income.  It will come from more than just cards.  I tell myself that I don’t need to fall down the money worry trap.  Somehow, I can TRUST that the money will continue to come and I’ll be able to add all the new products I want and begin to pay myself and others an income.  If I’m to believe all the books and articles I read, then I know that we are entering a new way of viewing the world.  I see W&W as an example of what the new world looks like.  W&W can be an example of allowing life to happen, living in the moment, trusting the Universe!  I realize that sounds very esoteric but if I don’t believe that then I find myself going down the slippery slope of fear, doubt, and worry…in general a place I don’t want to be.  Instead, I’ll keep focusing on my optimistic view of the world trusting that magic and miracles will continue to show up and guide me to my “highest good”!

On a lighter note, can’t wait to see my kids today!  Lunch with Bob and a late Dinner with Miss Em when she gets off work, in between, I’ll visit my reps showroom and maybe stop in Millstream to show my product.


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